SMAT is a flexible and functional educational software that helps to digitize all school programs and processes. It can be used for various types of educational institutions like college, private school, public school, kindergarten, nursery, language school, and university. Users include administrators, teachers, students, and parents.  SMAT Line of products include SMAT Elementary, SMAT College and SMAT Vault. 

SMAT Elementary

SMAT Elementary

This app has a fun and interactive platform that parents will absolutely love. Kids will be kept engaged with activities that not only excite them but will also provide needed knowledge.

SMAT College

SMAT College

This is a creative educational app that unites the administration, teacher and guardian on a modern platform. It provides the means for guardians to keep track of their child’s academic performance, social performance and their nutrition.

SMAT Vault

SMAT Vault

An educational app that allows children to learn effectively through taking test. SMAT Vault offers a new, fun and innovative way to solve problems. It also Provides questions and answers for various age groups, enables students to learn on their own and gain vast knowledge.

SMAT Modules

SMAT App comes loaded with quite a number of features that makes education interactive and fun for students and simplifies process for administrators teachers and parents. Our full product catalog can be found 👉🏽 here

Registration Module

The Registration Module makes the onboarding process for Students, Staff and Parents a breeze it also helps with specific components, making sure that the required information is entered accordingly. It consist of the Pre-Registration section where the information of the student applying to the institutions for the first time is generally saved. Meeting notes with parents, contact information…etc. will be saved in this section. When the student decides to continue with final enrollment in the subsequent meetings, this information can be transferred to the student registration module. Another feature of the registration module is the student-parent registration module that allows input of information of the students to be enrolled in the institution. After the student information is saved in the system, the student login information will be sent to users. Adding students to the system can be done individually or collectively using the excel list. The modules of the student and the parent are the same, and the parent will be able to access all kinds of information about the child through the application. One important registration module is the course registration module that specifies course credits of teachers are defined. After the courses given by the teachers are defined by the credit time in this module, it will be possible to create the session timetable. Course allocation can be done by placing manual courses in our application. An automatic course allocation program will be developed in the future. After the course allocation is made, teachers and students will be informed about their weekly courses through our system. Without needing any other platform, the program will appear in the “My Courses” module of teachers and students. It also works with the class registration module which handles all kinds of class information are saved in the institution like course, extra lesson etc. Our application will be designed to support different types of classes. So a student can be registered to the 11th grade as well as to different clubs like piano, and chess.


Communication Module

Communication has always been a hassle for schools an educational institutions. Most of schools do not have a communication platform integrated with their system that makes sharing of information easy. This module has three main features, The announcement feature, the messages feature and the social media feature. The announcement module displays all major school announcements in a feed format. It displays all major school announcements in a feed format, with the most recent post at the top while the messages module acts as an instant messaging (IM) platform for the school and parents. The admin can access the list of all students and their guardians available to be contacted on the app. The social media on the other hand is an in house full blown social platform for the both parent’s students and teachers to interact with the daily activities going on in the school basically integrates sharing of information and sending photos or videos through the platform. Optionally you can also have the survey feature where special surveys can be prepared for the institution through our application and institutions can prepare the questions they want under their format.  Mandatory or optional surveys can be applied to everybody in the institution such as students, parents, teachers, and accountants.


Academic Module

The Academic Module contains the bulk of the features on the application. It contains features such as attendance where attendance is taken and achirved, homework operations where Teachers will be able to give homework and feedback through the application. Given homework’s will be sent to students through the application along with the deadline. On the evaluation time, whether the students completed their homework or not will be saved in the system and archived digitally. This archived information will be visible to the administration, school counselor, and parents. In this way, parents can monitor how their children perform in courses through the system. Also the academic module supports the sending of course materials through the application as well as the viewing and creating of the overall school timetable. The academic module supports assessments and evaluation where teaching staff can assess students based on exam and homework. Awards can be giving to both students and parents based on their performance and behavior school. The books feature of the academic module enables the students as well as teachers to access practice questions for WAEC, JAMB and NECO.

Another major feature in the academic module is the daily report module in which student activities within the institution are reported at the end of the day in kindergartens and nurseries. In this module, academic and behavioral reporting of students in school, such as nutrition, sleeping, and social activities, can be done arbitrarily by the school. A daily report card is sent out every day to parents.

The distance learning feature is a sub module under the academic module that supports distance learning infrastructure. It is also used by the institutions we work with domestically and can be adjusted to work integrated with different systems including E-Coll, Zoom, Adobe Connect and Google Meet.